A changing market

The European energy market is changing.

And it is changing fast. So fast it is hard for governments and regulators to keep up.

The recent auction results of renewable generation projects across the world have reached new lows, and are nearing the point that subsidies are no longer required. This shows that renewable energy projects will continue to get cheaper as long as there is a market for their power.

At the same time, storage technologies offer new possibilities for how energy can be stored and managed, whilst small-scale decentralised gas generation can deliver flexibility and fast response to help stabilise the grid and keep the lights on at times of no wind or sunshine.

This is just what future markets will need.

Old coal-fired stations are closing down, we’ve got increasingly cheap but intermittent renewables, plus an electric vehicle revolution on the horizon – so we’ll see lots of peaks and troughs in energy supply and demand.
Every country in Europe will need an energy mix that is low carbon and very responsive.

The good news is that all of these technologies can be delivered at zero or very low subsidy. And if you put them in them in the right combination – they can deliver very stable low carbon energy far cheaper and just as reliably as other energy sources.

At Forsa Energy we believe our expanding energy portfolio will deliver exactly what this changing landscape requires. And we think we can help drive down costs further.

At Forsa Energy, we offer a global approach – because of our ability to access global funds and our relationships with banks, suppliers and power offtakers. We deliver projects in an innovative and integrated way.