Forsa Energy is an energy company  that was founded to develop, build and operate energy assets across Europe. Backed by Riverstone, it had a mandate to grow a portfolio comprising renewable generation and gas generation in the European market and established leading development platforms in this space in both the UK and France.

Forsa’s management team includes the same key people that were instrumental in the establishment and the success of Velocita Energy Developments and 2020 Renewables. Now, with the inclusion of experts in the gas sector, it offers a wealth of experience across the energy sector, including the successful establishment and build-out of utility-scale renewable platforms, the build-out of a flexible generation platform, and extensive experience with large scale power generation.

Forsa’s current portfolio in the UK comprises a flexible gas power portfolio which includes 60MW under construction, 110MW approaching financial close and a further 60MW in late-state development. Much of this capacity is supported by Capacity Market contracts. Forsa also has a substantial pipeline of further projects in various stages of development. The development, financing, and construction management of these projects is undertaken by Forsa’s in-house gas team.



Our Great History

September 22


Forsa Energy (previously known as Velocita Energy Developments) was established in early 2011 in partnership with private equity fund Riverstone to finance the development, construction, ownership, and operation of utility-scale wind energy projects in several countries in Europe.

Later that year, in France, we acquired a 780MW onshore wind development pipeline and entered into an exclusive development agreement with a leading French developer. In the UK we acquired the 24MW Maerdy windfarm.

September 22


We merged our UK business with 2020 Renewables, a Scottish developer and constructor of windfarms which specialises in the consenting, construction and operation of projects. Their experience, together with the financing, investment and mergers and acquisitions expertise of Velocita, gave us the capacity to deliver every aspect of a UK project and we added an additional 425MW of the onshore wind development pipeline. At the same time we started the construction of the Maerdy windfarm in the UK.

September 22


In France, we established a construction and operations team to support an ambitious build-out programme of French projects. In both the UK and France, we also continued to significantly expand our development pipelines through continued investments. In the UK we completed the construction of the Maerdy windfarm and started construction of the 12MW Ardoch and Over Enoch windfarm.

September 22


In the UK we sold the Maerdy windfarm to Greencoat and we completed the construction of the Ardoch and Over Enoch windfarm. In France, we started construction of the 30MW Month du Lomont windfarm in France.

September 22


In the UK we completed the construction of the Ardoch and Over Enoch windfarm. In France, we completed the construction of the Mond du Lomont windfarm and started construction of the 120MW Rougemont and Vaite windfarm, the country’s largest onshore windfarm.

September 22


Early that year in the UK, we started construction on the 40MW Airies windfarm. Later that year we sold the Airies and Ardoch and Over Enoch windfarms to NTR. In France, we sold parts of the onshore wind business in France We sold the the development and construction team, the Monts du Lomont windfarm, and the total onshore wind development pipeline to Envision Energy. At the same time, the rights to the Velocita name were sold to Envision who will continue to operate the French business through the Velocita Energy Developments brand but will no longer have any link with Forsa Energy.

September 22


In the UK, we completed the construction of the Airies windfarm on behalf of NTR. In France, we completed the sale of our French business through the sale of the Rougemont and Vaite windfarm to Innergex and Desjardins.

Later that year we re-launched Forsa Energy with a business organised in three sectors: renewable generation, gas generation, and energy storage.

June 25


Early that year in the UK, we added our portfolio through the acquisition of a flexible gas development portfolio and separately acquired an additional flexible gas project. Later that year we reached financial close on 3 projects and commenced construction.